Generous Thoughts

Generous Thoughts

Generous Thoughts is a collaborative effort of UCC stewardship, generosity, fundraising, and development professionals to provide our conferences and congregations with information to aid them in their fundraising efforts. The SNEUCC is represented by the conference’s development team, David Cleaver-Bartholomew and Lee Gagen.

Published Articles

6/15/2021 - Philanthropic Autobiography

5/18/2021 - Generosity: That's What My Mother Taught Me

5/4/2021 - Why Online Giving?

4/20/2021 - The Gift of God’s Presence During the Covid-19 Pandemic

4/6/2021 - Grant Funding Opportunities

3/23/2021 - Strategically Generous?

2/17/2021 - Generous Thoughts: Development Professionals Launch Stewardship Newsletter

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