Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane

Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane

Marlene Gasdia-Cochrane writes news articles for the SNEUCC website. She is also the editor of the Starting With Scripture newsletter. Contact her if:

  • Your church has a great story to tell about an innovative ministry.
  • You have a prayer request to share with the wider Conference.

Published Articles

3/29/2023 - Rental Space Has Become a New Source of Income and Welcoming for CT Church

3/22/2023 - Kristen Kirby Dragalin Named New Director of Pilgrim Day Camp

3/21/2023 - Flowering the Cross With Kindness

2/27/2023 - How Sewing Masks for School Children During the Pandemic Led to Making Desks For Veterans

1/24/2023 - SPOTLIGHT: Feeding the Hungry in the Spirit of Tzedakah

1/6/2023 - Conference Boosts Biblical Literacy Programming with Mass Bible Society Partnership

12/29/2022 - Starting With Scripture: CALL FOR AUTHORS

12/13/2022 - Spread the Christmas Story with a Pic and a Hashtag

11/15/2022 - Board Approves Provisional Resolutions Process for Annual Meeting Vote

11/10/2022 - Holy Joe's Cafe: Good to the Last Drop-Off

10/18/2022 - How Acupuncture Became a Church Health Ministry

9/28/2022 - Bishop Clemmons Honored with Street Naming

9/28/2022 - Silver Lake: Celebrations, Listening Sessions, and Open Positions

9/23/2022 - Register Now for Clergy Revival Events

9/14/2022 - Elizabeth Garrigan-Byerly Promoted to Executive Minister for Area Conference Ministry

9/14/2022 - Pilgrim Day Camp Proves to be a Blast!

9/5/2022 - Rev. Chris Davies Called as Executive Minister for Programs and Initiatives

8/24/2022 - Clergy of Color Find Affinity Group to be Impactful and Meaningful

7/11/2022 - Two Churches in the Same Town Vote to Reunite

6/6/2022 - Tik Tok Ministries: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

1/5/2021 - SPOTLIGHT: Voices of the Pandemic

12/28/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: Can the Exodus Story Be Made into a Fun Video Series?

12/11/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: Birthdays Still Happen During a Pandemic

11/16/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: Virtual Church Services are Alive with the Sound of Music

11/16/2020 - Generosity, Risk, and Grace

11/3/2020 - Super Saturday Keynoter: Unprecedented Times Can Be an Opportunity

11/3/2020 - Virtual Super Saturdays Draw More Than 300 Attendees

10/26/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: Over Nine Thousand Meals and Counting

10/5/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: We Heart You

9/28/2020 - Executive Conference Minister Elected with Overwhelming Approval

9/28/2020 - First Virtual Annual Meeting a Success; New Executive Conference Minister Called

8/25/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: The Bell Tolls for All of Us

8/4/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: Taking it To-Go

7/20/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: Affordable Option for Making Phone Calls to the Entire Congregation

7/6/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: Bringing God, Kids, and Animals Together Online with a Song

6/16/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: How to Stay Calm and “Be Not Afraid” During Pandemic

5/20/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: Compassionate Care During Covid-19 Crisis

4/20/2020 - Staying in Touch When You Can’t Stay or Touch

4/15/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: It all Started With Toilet Paper

3/27/2020 - SPOTLIGHT: Honk for a Hallelujah!

12/18/2019 - SPOTLIGHT - Manger Scenes that Inspire

10/29/2019 - SPOTLIGHT - Making a Difference on Make-a-Difference Day

10/15/2019 - 500 Participate in Super Saturday Worship, Workshops, Marketplace, and Mission Project

8/14/2019 - SPOTLIGHT - A Recap of 7 Spotlights Involving Growth and Vitality

6/4/2019 - SPOTLIGHT - Even the Educators Need to be Educated

5/13/2019 - SPOTLIGHT - From Altar Scape Design to Super Saturday Workshop

5/1/2019 - Many Voices One Mission: Extraordinary Things

4/10/2019 - SPOTLIGHT - Payson Park Seeking Visitors, Teens, and Refugees

3/11/2019 - SPOTLIGHT - Byfield Church Offers Addiction Recovery Course

1/30/2019 - SPOTLIGHT - Look What Can Happen When You Pair Children Up With Adult Friends

1/8/2019 - SPOTLIGHT - Do Science and Faith Walk Hand in Hand?

12/19/2018 - Many Voices One Mission: Filling The Pages

12/12/2018 - SPOTLIGHT - Did an ONA Status Help Grow This Church?

10/5/2018 - SPOTLIGHT: Church Growth is a Complex Thing

9/6/2018 - SPOTLIGHT: Rehoboth Church Inspired by Spotlights

7/13/2018 - SPOTLIGHT: A Summer Recap of Churches Making Changes

6/1/2018 - SPOTLIGHT: Haverhill Church Start Grows Beyond City Limits

5/14/2018 - SPOTLIGHT: May is Mental Health Awareness Month

3/14/2018 - SPOTLIGHT: Milton Church's Search and Call Process Helped Benefit The Youth of the Community

2/3/2018 - SPOTLIGHT: A Small Change Can Make a Big Difference

1/12/2018 - SPOTLIGHT: A Fire Sparks Covenant Among UCC Churches

12/13/2017 - SPOTLIGHT: Martha’s Vineyard Church Maps Their Faith Journeys

11/6/2017 - SPOTLIGHT: Church Shouldn't Be Static

10/9/2017 - SPOTLIGHT: Second Church of Plymouth Puts Recovery First

8/22/2017 - SPOTLIGHT: Haverhill Church Creates a Prayer Wall

6/27/2017 - SPOTLIGHT: Using Empty Bowls to Feed the Hungry

5/22/2017 - SPOTLIGHT: Safe Plates at Waquoit Congregational Church

4/7/2017 - SPOTLIGHT: Helping to Ensure Lent is a Season of Well-Being

3/27/2017 - SPOTLIGHT: Crossroads Steered Members To Talk About Church

2/22/2017 - SPOTLIGHT: Three Churches with a History Hold a “Family Reunion”

1/19/2017 - SPOTLIGHT: Rapping Up the Christmas Story

12/20/2016 - SPOTLIGHT: Peace Be With You... and You, and You, and You

10/18/2016 - SPOTLIGHT: It’s Not About Selling Pumpkins...

9/14/2016 - SPOTLIGHT: Bedford Church Makes A Bold Decision to Donate All Fair Proceeds

8/17/2016 - SPOTLIGHT: Local BOLD Moves - A Spotlight Recap

7/11/2016 - SPOTLIGHT: Church Floats a Message Across Sudbury

4/8/2016 - SPOTLIGHT: Paper, Plastic, or Sleeping Mat?

1/8/2016 - SPOTLIGHT: Baptismal Waters

12/9/2015 - SPOTLIGHT: Changing the Usual Advent Service to Focus on the Changing Climate

9/14/2015 - SPOTLIGHT: Melrose Church Goes Solar

4/14/2015 - SPOTLIGHT: Power to the People

3/11/2015 - SPOTLIGHT: Promise Church Cooks Up A Way To Help the Recently Sheltered Stock Their New Homes

2/11/2015 - SPOTLIGHT: Nahant UCC Church Spreads The Word About Islam

2/11/2015 - SPOTLIGHT: Nahant UCC Church Spreads The Word About Islam

1/12/2015 - SPOTLIGHT: Offering a Homey Atmosphere to the Homeless

12/4/2014 - SPOTLIGHT: Is There a Christmas Elf in the Manger?

10/24/2014 - SPOTLIGHT: Different Faiths With Much in Common

10/14/2014 - This is Not Your Average Annual Meeting Keynote Address

11/1/2013 - MACUCC churches using the web to give people a peek inside

SPOTLIGHT: Promise Church Cooks Up A Way To Help the Recently Sheltered Stock Their New Homes

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