Alphabetical Staff List

Alphabetical Staff List

Sean Amato
Program Support Associate for Faith Formation
Email:     Phone: 401-919-2406


Patti Babcock
Senior Administrative Assistant
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 225


Andrea Bellarosa
Events Coordinator
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 239


Lynn Boettger
Food Services Manager, Silver Lake Conference Center
Email:     Phone: 860-364-5526


The Rev. Emma Brewer-Wallin
Minister for Environmental and Economic Justice


Ruth Choate
Administrator and Registrar for Silver Lake
Email:     Phone: 860-364-5526


The Rev. Dr. Michael Ciba
Southwest Area Conference Minister and Team Leader
Email:     Phone: 860-921-8204


The Rev. Dr. David Cleaver-Bartholomew
Director of Stewardship and Donor Relations
Email:     Phone: 315-753-1375


Debby Dionne
Business Operations Manager
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 238


The Rev. Eric Elley
Digital Minister
Email:     Phone: 860-810-2481


Jill Ford
Program Support Associate, South Central and Southwest Regions
Email:     Phone: 860-761-7112


The Rev. Ryan Gackenheimer
Executive for Camps and Retreats, Silver Lake Conference Center
Email:     Phone: 860-364-5526


Lee Gagen
Donor Development Specialist
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 235


The Rev. Elizabeth Garrigan-Byerly
Area Conference Minister, North Central Region
Email:     Phone: 508-281-9776


Marie Girasuolo
Financial Accounting Assistant
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 249


Debbie Gline Allen
Minister of Faith Formation
Email:     Phone: 508-603-6601


Martha Goodman
Search and Call Associate
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 226


The Rev. Darrell Goodwin
Executive Conference Minister


Dawn Hammond
Executive Minister for Policy and Finance
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 228


Debra Holmes
Program Support Associate, North Central and Northwest Regions
Email:     Phone: 508-963-8106


Roslynn Hooks
Program Support Associate for Together We Thrive
Email:     Phone: 


Bridget Sheridan Johnson
Director, Center for Transformational Leadership
Email:      Phone:  917-855-0964


Jessica Kirby
Administrator and Registrar, Pilgrim Day Camp
Email:     Phone: 508-875-4548 Winter


Jonathan Kirby
Executive for Camps, Pilgrim Day Camp
Email:     Phone: 508-359-4809


Deborah Kirk
Faith Formation Team Leader
Email:     Phone: 860-761-7103


The Rev. Dr. Patricia Kogut
Area Conference Minister, Southeast Region
Email:     Phone: 508-789-7957


Jennifer Kronholm Clark
Program Director, Silver Lake
Email:     Phone: 860-364-5526


The Rev. Isaac Lawson
Area Conference Minister, South Central Region
Email:     Phone:


Leslie Martinez
Administrative Support Associate within Human Resources
Email:     Phone:


Karen Methot
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion  Program Support Associate
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 234


Yolanda Montano
Financial Accounting Assistant
Email:     Phone: 860-761-7107


Mark Montgomery
Site Manager, Framingham
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233


Michele Mudrick
Legislative Advocate
Email:     Phone: 860-796-3822


Ashley Nichols
Silver Lake Retreat and Finance Manager
Email:     Phone: 860-364-5526


The Rev. Terry Yasuko Ogawa
Area Conference Minister, Northwest Region
Email:     Phone:  508-782-8593


Kate Ostertag
Executive for Camps & Retreats, Edwards House, MA & Irons Homestead, RI
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 271


Drew Page
Media and Data Manager
Email:     Phone: 860-761-7102


The Rev. Dr. Audrey Price
Executive Minister for Strategic Operations
Email:     Phone:  860-218-4845


The Rev. Heather Ramsey Mabrouk
Together We Thrive Program Director
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 221 or 978-801-4119


Irma Reyes
Director of Human Resources and Staff Development
Email:     Phone: 203-936-7266


Deborah Ringen
Minister of Health and Wellness
Email:     Phone: 805-216-5809


The Rev. James Ross II
Minister for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Hillary Sage
Executive Assistant to the Executive Conference Minister and the Human Resources Manager
Email:     Phone: 860-233-5564


The Rev. Alexander Shea Will
Area Conference Minister for the Northeast Region
Email:     Phone:  781-369-9917


Nancy Stubbs
Database Specialist/Registrar
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233


Matt Taylor
Site Manager, Silver Lake
Email:     Phone:  860-364-5526


Tiffany Vail
Director of Media and Communications
Email:     Phone: 508-875-5233 ext 229


The Rev. John Van Epps
Email:     Phone: 860-767-1004


Lynn Varney
Program Support Associate - Northeast and Southeast Regions
Email:     Phone: 781-369-1396


Martha Whyte
Program Support Associate for Together We Thrive Program
Email:     Phone: 339-222-2149


Elisa Wilson
Program Support Associate for the Center for Transformational Leadership
Email:     Phone:


Karen Ziel
Assistant Director of the Center for Transformational Leadership
Email:     Phone: 860-761-7104


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