Data Hub Instructions

Data Hub Instructions

The Data Hub will be available beginning noon, Wednesday, January 6, 2021. The deadline for entering data is midnight Wednesday, March 3, 2021.  Data Hub deadlines are related to publication schedules; late information may not be included in the 2021Yearbook.

  • You can find your new UCC Code (which is the new Southern New England Conference code 78 plus each church's four digit Church ID#)  in the Church Directories page at the Conference website.  This is your Data Hub username.
  • Login to the Data Hub here using the default password.
  • Please visit the Yearbook and Directory page on the national UCC site to view the instructions and tutorial videos if you need assistance.  Print pages 7-8 for the Online Data Entry Form and 9-12 for the Supplemental Survey questions.
  • Please submit your data as early as possible to avoid potential delays if you should need assistance.
  • The Data Hub contains many helpful tips. If you are unsure of the information that a particular data entry field is requesting, simply hover over the Information  for additional information. You can also find more detailed information for all the fields in the “Definitions Tip Sheet for Local Church Annual Yearbook Reporting.
  • Passwords reset every year.  Once you login, you will be able to create a new password.  Please make a note of your updated password.  If you need a password reset, contact Nancy Stubbs.
  • Membership information entered should be as of 12/31/20.
  • Financial information should relate to the year ending 12/31/20, or the most recent fiscal year if yours differs from the calendar year.  Please do not include Proportional Giving as Other UCC Giving.  The Conference will report Proportional Giving in the Basic Support Column.
  • To cancel out of any of the data entry screens without saving the yearly data, simply click the Cancel button. 
  • You may login multiple times to edit incorrect information through midnight, March 3, 2021.  Select the tab that includes the information you need to edit. Click on the pencil icon next to 2020 and the detailed information should appear. Remember to click the Add or Update button when complete. Thereafter, please contact Nancy Stubbs to update. 
  • Please email  Nancy Stubbs with any questions or concerns.  Include your Church name, ID# and a brief description of what type of assistance you need.  The Conference office will be closed through March.  She will contact you via phone if necessary. 
  • Be assured that information about pastors’ compensation is not published in the Yearbook or online.  It is used only to develop aggregate statistical reports.
  • National is asking churches to complete supplemental research questions after completing their annual report.  You can access the survey here:  Supplemental Survey 2021 (
  • National will be offering prizes to churches who complete an annual report and answer all research questions.

Definitions Tip Sheet for Local Churches

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