2020 Voter Resource Page

2020 Voter Resource Page

NEW! Election Activism Page 

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Your Vote is Your Voice – Don’t Give it Up!

An average election in the United States has around 60% of the eligible voting population turning out at the polls...With the rise in popularity of suppressive voting legislation, we may see an even lower turnout than normal in this election. What can we do to get out the vote? 

Don't give up your voice...And encourage others to vote too! Here are some helpful resources.

Creation Care Voter Pledge/Congregational Climate Justice Challenge

10 million voters who selected the environment as their #1 priority did not vote in 2016. Be the change! Vote your values; sign the SNEUCC Environmental Ministry Team's Creation Care Voter Pledge, and encourage others to do the same. 

Churches: Join the Congregation Climate Justice Voter Challenge by inspiring 75% of those worshipping with you to take the Creation Care Voter Pledge! 

Our Faith, Our Vote, Our Voice

From the United Church of Christ: The problems in our world often seem too big to confront. We see injustice every day and feel that change can’t or won’t happen. But our faith is infused with hope and built on a foundation of action. By serving the vulnerable, feeding the hungry, and standing in solidarity with the oppressed, we serve as God’s hands.

Our Faith, Our Vote Team Letter: Make Every Vote Count!

UCC Our Faith, Our Vote, Our Voice web page of resources

"One Pagers" around voting and social justice issues - new for 2020!

Pre-Election Day Communion Service of Unity in Hope with UCC Leaders, Nov. 2, 7 PM

Bring Spirit to the Polls - A Conversation between Ruby Sales and Traci Blackmon 

Voters Should Not be Intimidated, resource from the Brennan Center for Justice

Protests and Public Safety,  by Institute for Constitutional Advocacy and Protection, Georgetown Law, includes state-by-state laws barring private militias

Election Protection Resources for Religious Communities - Our national UCC, through their Washington DC office, has been collecting resources related to the upcoming elections to help churches.  You’ll find a variety, from encouraging people to vote, to election day resources, to election follow up.  More about Election Protection here.

Vote, Stay Vigilant in this Election Season, UCC Leaders Urge  

Equipping for the Election webinar:  All over the country people of faith are rising up to defend democracy by being a vigilant spiritual witness at the polls. This training (recording) will cover what the role of the precinct chaplain is and more.

Action Center:  Are you registered? Where do you vote? Can you vote early? And more!

More Resources and Reflections


A Liturgy of Hope and Release for Election Season & the Weeks Following, by Sarah Are

Everytown for Gun Safety: Election Protection - your voter safety rights 

Your Rights as a Voter on Nov. 3:  What to do if you are intimidated or kept from voting

Sacred Season of Voting: A Voter Action Toolkit

Daily Prayers and Guidance from the Vermont Conference, UCC

Worship Ways - UCC Election Prayer

Teaching Tolerance Election Resources 

Future Voters Project

Voting as a Spiritual Practice

Faithful Democracy Resources

Poor People's Campaign: Voting is Power Unleashed

17 Tips to Steer Kids of All Ages Through the Political Season 

Vote: Then Sing Election Day Broadcast

Yoga/Meditation for Election Anxiety and Support

8 Questions That can Help You Survive Election Stress

A Month of Prayer Before the Election, from Beavercreek UCC.  This resource is shared with permission for you to use with your ministry setting.  

 Xander, a Silver Lake summer staff member, talks about his voting plan 


Election Exhaustion, Election Resilience, by Rev. Don Remick, Bridge Conference Minister (10/28)

Election 2020: A Lot of Folks are Nervous, by Rev. Don Remick, Bridge Conference Minister  (10/21)

Our Faith, Our Vote, by Rev. Don Remick, Bridge Conference Minister (9/29)

It's Time to Stop Being an Individual, by Rev. Victoria Alford Guest, Environmental Ministry Team (9/3)

Congregation Climate Justice Voter Pledge, by Barbara Darling, Environmental Ministry Team (8/20)

Carrying One's Faith Into the Public Square: Voting and Faithfulness, by Jessica McArdle, Environmental Ministry Team (7/27)

Vote Forward 

This organization has found 10 million people who are registered to vote but seldom if ever do.  Volunteers sign up to adopt several of these voters - 5, 20 or more - printing a letter encouraging them to vote. The volunteer adds two or three sentences of their own on why they vote in every election, before mailing the letter on a designated date.  Great way for individuals, families and congregations to get involved! Sign up at Vote Forward.  

Voting Information by State

Connecticut:  Residents may vote by absentee ballot due to Covid-19 

Massachusetts:  Early voting period has been extended 

Rhode Island:   Early in-person voting is offered this year


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